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The Enterprise NX-01 by talon The Enterprise NX-01 by talon
In April 2006 I purchased the Polar Lights 1/350 scale Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 model from the show ST: Enterprise. I couldn't do much with it at the time because I was too busy with school, but in the 2 months before summer break I got it primed and then most of the base coat of Testors Metallizer Stainless Steel painted on. Since June 10th I've been working on it a lot. I dont know exactly how many hours are in it, but at least 40 I think. Probably even more than that. The pattern of the hull is called an Aztek Pattern which is supposed to replicate the designs of various metal plates covering a ship, some w ill have slightly different shades. The actual model has 5 different shades of hull plating, but I didn't have the patience to do it five times. So I went with three Metallizer colors. Stainless Steel for the primary color, the dark is Burnt Metal (the plans call for Gun Metal, which I think is WAY too dark, and a lot of other people choose to use Titanium but I think thats still too dark based on the images of the ship I had seen) and the light highlights are Aluminum. In addition there are pieces that are painted gold, cobalt blue, black, silver, red, and green. The green is only in the running lights, whereas the others have more easily seen places. I had a lot of fun building this model, and while its not the greatest, and I'm accutely aware of all the mistakes I made during the building of it, I still fully enjoyed building it. Finished on July 13, 2006.

This image shows a close view of the ship where it is displayed in my room. Other images including closeups of different portions of the model can be viewed in my scraps gallery.
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entallat Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
Looks fantastic! I'm inspired to get mine out and start going on it. :)
DoctorWhoOne Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
I have this model myself - but I haven't even built her yet !! :(

Ive had it for about 2 years now, but Ive never found the time to build her, nor the other 2 models from Star Trek that Ive not yet done either [Enterprise-E / Voyager].

The thing that so annoyed me the day I brought this was that the box says 'All plastic assembly snap together model kit', which suggested to me that it was a pre-painted model that just required to snap the pieces into place like a Revell Star Wars Easy Kit which requires absolutely painting or gluing at all, but instead I found out once I opened the box that it does require painting and gluing and added the bloody decals, so that was a real disappointment as I felt I could just take her home, put her together in about 5 to 10 minutes and display her somewhere just like that.

I feel the packaging is a bit therefore misleading. . . . . GITS !! :P

Nicely painted model thou. Now that it's the summer, I'm gonna get started making mine next week :)

Jason :)
will2012 Featured By Owner May 12, 2007
awesome man :D
clem-master-janitor Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it! I've always been an old time fan of Star Trek, so seeing the kits (and remembering when I was little putting them together as best I could and all the knife to finger related injuries) is like bringing back old memories.

Ever thought of building a light box to photograph your models in? They do wonders for the pictures and can really bring out the details lost to the background light and objects.
Jandreau Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006
dude! I got that! nice job! I didn't aztec mine though. I had it for 2 years until I decided to put it back together. Beautiful job, though!
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